Zoo Part 4
Written by Kay Soede   
Tuesday, 26 February 2008

We went to playgroup again . . . and yes . . . you will have to put up with some more photos of zoo again J 


ImageI didn’t think Zac would find horses interesting – as he sees Gypsy everyday!! 


ImageThis rhino didn’t have a horn.  I wonder why?  Is it safer for the carer?  Or do they fall off in between seasons like deers?  Does anyone know? 


ImageZac spent about 15 min. in front of these flamingos . . . I don’t understand what’s so interesting about them!! 


ImageUnfortunately this emu turned around away from us as I was waiting for Zac to turn around and look at the camera!!  Really hard to control two creatures at the same time . . . 

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