Big day
Written by Kay Soede   
Sunday, 17 February 2008

It was one of the biggest days we had here in Japan.  We took a bus, a train and a subway, and finally got to my friend’s place.  Romi is a friend from high school in the States, and she visited us in Australia once, 3 years ago, with her son, Hiro, and her daughter, Miu.  Back then, Hiro was 7, Miu was 4 – but they’ve grown heaps!!  Both of them love little children, so they were very good at looking after Zac.  Since there is big age gap, it was great to be able to leave Zac with them to play, and not have to watch him all the time. 

He had an hour nap on the pram while we ate lunch at one of the Indian curry restaurant – it was yummy J Then we went to Shinjuku.  It’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest, station in Tokyo.  It has whole heaps of shops, department stores, every specialty stores you can possibly imagine!!  It really is hard to explain without you being here.  The city itself is in a couple or even three layers – so if you are not on the correct layer, sometimes even if you are at the right spot, you won’t be able to get into the building you are trying to . . . It’s not too hard to figure out when you are walking, but different scenario if you are driving!!  I often didn’t get to the entrance of one of the hotels by car even though I was in front of it, because I wasn’t on the right level! 

We went to the Kinokuniya bookstore.  This is a huge building full of books.  The whole building (7 storey high) is a bookstore, and each floor has different types of books.  If you go there, you will find whatever you are looking for.  The top floor has all the English books, and if Dave is here, he often spends time there finding out about Samurai sword etc. 

I completely forgot that I had a camera today – so didn’t take any photos at all.  I will take some photos next time I’m in Shinjuku etc.  I’ve asked Romi to send me a  photo of her family, so hopefully I can upload it when I receive it. 

ImageIn the meantime, this is a photo of Zac falling asleep at my feet when he was cranky.  He was screaming his head off, and suddenly, it was quiet . . .


  ImageImageHis grandma bought him a new pj.  This character is called “unpunman” and is very popular amongst little children in Japan.
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