I can eat!
Written by Kay Soede   
Wednesday, 13 February 2008

We went to the allergy specialist today, to pick up the result from the blood test that was done last week.  It was another drama – as we had to wait for almost two hours!!!  Gee, we were exhausted by the end of the trip to the doctor!!

But the trip was worth it.  YES, his rate on eggs have improved dramatically!!  Unfortunately, the rate for soy has gone up, so he won't be eating anything that contains soy – which is a bit of a bummer, especially while we are here in Japan.  Oh well, it’s better than nothing!!  He was cleared of sesame as well, and all the things I was worried about, and wasn’t tested before, he was negative.  In the future, I can start giving him very small amount of eggs as well as dairy if they have been cooked.  Great news!!!  But I will be very cautious with it – just so that he can completely grow out of it. 

I don’t have any photos related to the allergy test . . . so I will post some funny ones today.

Zac was eating mandarin the other day – and the way he was eating was very cute J Image 

This is the Japanese equivalent of trolley and their collector.  Miniature size, aren’t they?!!

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