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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

It’s raining today . . . so we’ve decided to stay home and not go anywhere.  But since Zac has improved dramatically, he was starting to get bored and I decided to look into some facilities around.

I phoned the local government and found out that there was a playgroup for 1 year old today at the school which is right next to my aunt’s apartment building.  So I suddenly dressed Zac in warm coat and took off to join this group.  It is completely free, and there were heaps of toys.  This playgroup is in age category and 2 days of a week is for age 0, another 2 days for 1 year old, and one day for 2 year old.  I suppose since there is heaps of parks etc. for older kids, they are aiming to accommodate the younger ones.  It will be good for Zac & I to go regularly when we are not doing anything, so he won’t miss the company of same age group J 

I wasn’t sure about whether I was allowed to take the photos today, so didn’t take any.  I will ask next time and see whether they allow me.  These days, you can’t even take your own child’s photo at places in Australia . . . I was told not to take any photos at his swimming class at Mingara.  How sad . . . I will insert some photos from the past. 

I arrived here on 4th February for my grandma’s 88th birthday.  It was a surprise for her that Zac & I flew back for it.  She loved it!!!


Mt. Fuji was beautiful on the way to Kobe.  Couldn’t see much on the way back, though.


And this is the reason . . .


Zac fell asleep on the way home from allergy specialist.  He stayed asleep for 1 1/2hr on the pram!!  I don’t think I have to worry about coming home for his nap in the future . . .

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