Tough Weekend . . .
Written by Kay Soede   
Monday, 11 February 2008

Phew . . .  I must say, I am glad to be back.Mum decided to stop by Kyoto to show me the Japanese temple where my great aunt(who came and stayed with us for 6 weeks with my mum & grandma) is buried.  She passed away last July, so this is the first time I am back since she passed away.  She lived with my mum & grandma for last 6 years of her life, so she was pretty much a family member to us.Image Image

It took about 6 hours to get to Kobe even after stopping by Kyoto for about half an hour. The purpose of the trip was to visit my grandma's oldest sister who is 91.  She was hospitalised for a while last month, so we visited her to wish her well. 

Next day, we were going to stay until mid day to spend some more time with her, but it was snowing outside - so we decided to leave as soon as we were ready.  Which ended up being the best decision we made that day - as the freeway got closed just behind us. 

We planned to stay in the city which is half way between Kobe & Tokyo, so it should have been about 3 hour drive.  But unfortunately, because of the snow, it took 6 hours to get there.  Zac started having temperature just before we left, so he slept most of the way, which was very helpful to keep driver's concentration. But unfortunately, his condition got worse after we got there.  His temperature was quite high, and since they don’t have the baby panadol type of medicine here, I was struggling to make him take the powdered medicine diluted in the vitamin drink.  He went to bed around 7pm and woke up screaming at about 7:30pm, and he had mild seizure.  He was completely conscious, but he would jump up once in a while and would scream each time he jumped up.  Since he didn’t have anything like it in the past, I got freaked out, and decided to take him to the doctor.  It happened to be Saturday night, so it had to be emergency at the hospital.  The hotel driver was willing to take us there, but they decided to call an ambulance as it would take only 20min. compare to 40min. with a normal car.  (And ambulance in Japan is free!)  He hasn’t eaten anything all day, there was no thermometer, he had high temperature and diarrhea all day, so this was the only decision I could make. Image

They took the blood to test for flu etc., which took about 40min. for the result to arrive.  In the meantime, he got the drip connected to him just to keep him hydrated.  When the result arrived, everything he got tested for, he was negative, which was a great news.  We phoned the hotel to send transport, and waited for another 40min., before we could leave the hospital, and another 40min. in the van, so by the time we got back, it was around midnight.  We were all exhausted, so I put Zac to bed, had bath and head off to bed – and then Zac woke up screaming again.  He had the same symptoms as before, which he didn’t have in the ambulance or at the hospital.  At that time, I sort of figured out that he was getting the seizures when he was getting too hot.  So from that point, I fixed the problem and he rested well.   Although, he woke up with really bad diarrhea again next morning, and didn’t eat anything all day.  But he could take liquid and temperature has gone down, so we decided not to go back to the hospital and left the city to head back home. 

So there, it was going to be only short update on what’s happened over the weekend, and became an essay!!!  I hope you enjoyed the photos this time.  I hope to be able to upload some video footage soon . . .

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