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Monday, 23 November 2020
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Bamboo surfboard 6'4" x 19.5" x 2.5" PDF Print E-mail
Written by David Soede   
Friday, 02 May 2008

Bamboo surfboard for sale on ebay:

6'4" x 19.5" x 2.5" SPS (Stewart Pontin Shaped) semi-fish lightweight epoxy resin / polystyrene closed-cell foam / bamboo veneer / vacuum bagged surfboard with nose guard and tail gorilla grip. 5 x FCS fin plugs for 2 x thruster options, 2 x twin fin options and quad fin setup options. I really liked the twin and quad options, loose and skatey and fast.

I loved this board when I picked it up 3 years ago. Unfortunately, as a 6'3" mid-thirties surfer I'm not getting any lighter and this board is now too small for me to ride (just) as I head north of 90 kgs . . . when I was 80-85kgs the board worked really well, and some friends around 70 to 80kgs rode it and loved it too. But 95kgs is too heavy for a small wave semi-fish board, it's too hard work in slop. Still goes well in 4 to 6 foot clean waves, and I've even pushed it hard in 8 foot heavy reef breaks, but I have other boards in the quiver which work better for those conditions.

I would say this board works best for up to 85kgs surfers in small to overhead waves,it's not a full fish so can handle a little larger than a pure fish of those sizes could. It has a flattish rocker and slightly wider one-foot-off measurements compared to a standard surfboard. Being vacuum-bagged epoxy / styrene / timber veneer (bamboo) construction it is very strong, lightweight, impact resistant and higher reflex (returns from flexed to non-flexed shape quickly, gives boost in turns, snappy and responsive not dull and absorbent) compared to a PU board (polyurethane foam blank with fibreglass and polyester resin). Sunny Garcia won a world title on the boards a few years back, they work!

As you can see in the bottom pictures, there are 3 dings. I haven't bothered getting them repaired as they don't affect performance (they are not structural) and being closed cell the polystyrene foam does not absorb water like older PU boards do. I simply put some clear contact tape over them and kept surfing. There are a few options with the dings - a repair is just a matter of getting some epoxy resin and brushing over the deck and rail cracks, and taping around the nose ding to build up the resin in the ding a bit. if you were really keen you could add a bit of chop-strand glass to the nose repair but it's not necessary. Or you could squeeze some silicon into the dings to waterproof them and leave it at that. Or you could put a bit of contact tape over them (I've left the one on the nose but removed the others to show them better) and keep surfing for years as I did.

Please check out my other auctions for more quality bargains - thanks for looking and good luck!

bamboo surfboard top side bottom views

bamboo surfboard deck ding

bamboo surfboard rail ding

bamboo surfboard nose ding

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