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Tuesday, 21 January 2020
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Written by Kay Soede   
Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Since I got a bit sneezy, I decided to just hang around the local area yesterday, and took a bus to the second closest station called “Wakabadai”.  This whole area is new, and everything around here didn’t exist when I lived here, so I decided to explore and find out what’s around.

ImageI found this playground inside of the station building.  Unfortunately, it costs (300yen = ~ A$3 per 20min.), but it’s worth it for just a little energy outlet especially if it’s raining outside and so freezing cold!!  Zac wouldn’t go inside of the pool of balls in the beginning, as he can’t walk and didn’t know what to do!  But we ended up extending a session and he enjoyed the ground by the end of it.  I think he would enjoy it even more if there is some more children who are same age playing at the same time.  There was no one there this time . . . Image

ImageOne of the things Zac enjoys doing while I’m putting make-up on in the morning, is to play with my make-up brush.  He has been doing it since he was a little baby – even before he started sitting up!!

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