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Sunday, 20 September 2020
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Written by David Soede   
Friday, 01 February 2008


  1. First edit the video footage into something manageable. 320x240 for 512kbps setting in Movie Maker is good. The movie should be less than 10MB, definitely less than 20MB. Save it in .wmv format or .mpg
  2. Give it a name with underscores, no spaces.
  3. Open a browser tab with this URL:
    and login using soeXXXX as the username and the password is the usual but with uppercase at the front and : after first number
  4. Then click on File Manager and navigate (by clicking on the folder itself in front of the name of the folder)
    www --> soede --> media --> videos then click on the "Upload File" link and browse for the video and upload it
  5. Once done, you can then open in admin mode and create a new article or edit an existing one.
  6. To add a media or video clip, click the film icon (looks like a film negative) 2nd from the right on bottom row, above where you enter text. A box pops up. In the top drop down box set type = windows media. In the "file" box enter the filename using this format: where of course filename is the name of the video you have uploaded.
    In the dimensions put the horizontal (width) dimension first, eg 320, then the vertical height + 45, eg 285. (the extra 45 pixels are for the media player buttons under the video).
  7. Save the article and check you can view the video by opening up and browsing to that article.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 March 2010 )
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